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What We Do

Integrated Solutions

TTMI executives have experience in reorganizing and restructuring the activities of businesses and other entities, a regenerative and creative process that meets the challenges of the market and the period and can be the ticket to a new course of success and growth.

The intervention in such cases focuses on:

  • the evolutionary adaptation of the business mentality to more modern and effective logic,
  • to increase their commercial activity in a different way/mix or targeting different markets and
  • in the general expansion of their business orientation as an imperative need for their economic survival.
  • The technological infrastructure
  • The know-how skills of both TTMI and its associates

make the company capable

  • to offer complete solutions to the business needs of its customers
  • to address the challenges and problems of business holistically based on the fact that the activities and performance of each
  • organization are the results of complex processes and various influences.
  • to have the most complete analysis of each case
  • identify all the critical factors that affect the course of the organization.

Respectively, the total and combined treatment of these factors is sought and the relevant intervention is planned and implemented accordingly.

Guided by the best service in the integrated solutions, the company coordinates a network of cooperating companies of various complementary specialties, from which the needs of the customers can be met in combination with the selection of the necessary specialties for each case.

It is defined as the pre-eminent consulting activity of the company and concerns

  • the identification
  • the configuration
  • the adaptation of innovative business solutions in all areas of operation of a company, from production to exports.

The consulting service is based on the analysis of data and current conditions in each company or organization and evolves creatively in collaboration with management and executives ensuring its enrichment with relevant administrative and technological information and the necessary training support. The process usually results in the selection of a solution or series of alternatives that serve the needs of the customer.

In the field of international consulting projects, whether in the technological or cultural fields, the senior executives of the team have accumulated relevant experience having participated in similar business initiatives abroad, which include outside the EU and North America, the Middle East, and regional market of the Balkans, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

The company contributes in:

  • the preparation and submission of funding proposals
  • the implementation of various projects for the benefit of companies and organizations seeking to develop their productive capacity and improve their competitiveness.

These programs are Greek and European, such as the NSRF (Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation” -EPANEK movement (2014-2020)), New Development Law 4399/2016, OAED, INTERREG Greece-Cyprus, and Horizon 2020 (2014-2020).