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TTMI Ltd. was established in 2010 to offering consulting services to companies and agencies/organizations in the public, social and private sectors focusing mainly on the field of Technology Transfer.

The mission is to support and manage the innovative development plans for companies, public bodies, and the social economy.

TTMI executives utilize for the benefit of their customers, their accumulated collective knowledge, skills, and experience in the fields of:

  • Transfer and adoption of new technologies
  • Increasing competitiveness through innovation uptake
  • Development of innovative products and services
  • Support and financing of investment initiatives
  • Development of entrepreneurship and facilitation start-ups
  • Support of business extroversion and innovation
  • Development of innovative and youth entrepreneurship in general
  • Support for collaborations / synergies between SMEs / organizations (clusters)
  • Local and regional development support
  • Highlighting local and regional competitive advantages
  • Support for research projects and collaborations of research and business entities
  • Evaluation of proposals for funding
  • Promotion and support of innovative collaborative social entrepreneurship schemes to support special groups and sectors at a local/regional/national level
  • Continuous upgrade and improvement of operations and procedures
  • Support for the reorganization of operations for companies and organizations.