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The company was founded in 2010 by executives of the business community with experience in business and research/development agencies.

It is practically a spin-out of another consulting company (Intermas Consultants Ltd.) from which executives with many years of experience in consulting and managing Greek, European and international research and development projects, collaborated in the creation of TTMI Business Consultants Ltd.

This company started its activity by supporting firms and public bodies in the planning and implementation of development plans, in the reorientation of companies through the co-formulation of new Business Plans, and in the evaluation of funded proposals on behalf of national structural funds management authorities.

Since then, the company has been supporting companies and public and social stakeholders to implement investment and development plans utilizing the available financial resources.

More specifically, the company supports companies/entities:

  • in reorganization and effectiveness/efficiency improvement projects
  • in projects co-financed by the NSRF programs
  • in projects financed by the Development Law
  • in Research / Development actions with joint ventures
  • in extroversion actions

Utilizing existing networks and relationships in the European and international market, the company sets up or facilitates joint ventures to implement European projects for mobility, R&D, and support for SMEs, coordinating, participating, and implementing jointly with other partners. It collaborates with the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program “Bio-entrepreneurship” of the University of Thessaly and the National Hellenic Research Foundation.