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At TTMI, we seek to create customer value

  • cultivating relationships of trust and close cooperation with customers
  • smartly utilizing new technologies and innovations
  • reshaping functional structures
  • improving the productivity of human resources, in order to develop competitive advantages and ensure their long-term economic viability

In parallel, we develop our human resources with continuous training and improvement utilizing their particular skills and personal abilities in our daily operations.

We creatively and effectively integrate the network of our partners in our operation and in the service of our customers.

We ensure that our overall intervention with customers and society is compatible with the goals of sustainable and green development.

We creatively and synthetically utilize the competitive advantages that exist in business, society, academia and the culture of our country with the European dimension as defined by its membership in the European Union and in particular in the monetary union and the international dimension that has been determined by the conditions of globalization and the significant Greek dispersion.